Willow Cuttings

Willow Cuttings:

Willow Cuttings for Trees, Hedges, Screens, Garden, Windbreaks, Wildlife, Biomass and Fuel.

Willow Cuttings Suitable for:

  • Trees / Hedges / Screens / Windbreaks
  • Wildlife / Nature / Conservation / Bees & Environment
  • Biomass / Growing for wood / Fuel / Short Rotation Coppice
  • Winter Colour
  • 100% organic product

(see our FAQ at www.cuttingswillow.co.uk for willow cuttings planting guide)
Willow Cuttings for sale UK, Ireland, 5″ / 12cm

The Benefits of our Willow Cuttings:

  • Very fast-growing.
  • Suitable for basketry and hedging.
  • Willow is suitable for structures windbreaks and fuel production.
  • Willow is a renewable source of energy that is environmentally beneficial.
  • Willow takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen.
  • The willow attracts a wealth of insect life, which in turn attracts lots of different birds & wildlife.
  • Erosion-control measures along watercourses
  • Willows produce a modest amount of nectar from which bees can make honey, and are especially valued as a source of early pollen for bees.
  • Environment: As a plant, willow is used for biofiltration, constructed wetlands, ecological wastewater treatment systems, hedges, land reclamation, landscaping, phytoremediation, streambank stabilisation (bioengineering), slope stabilisation, soil erosion control, shelterbelt and windbreak, soil building, soil reclamation, tree bog compost toilet, and wildlife habitat.

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