How do I plant willow cuttings?

Willow Planting Instructions: Soak in bucket a full of water for 48 hours. This will soften the wood making the cutting more likely to grow roots.

Next you can plant your cuttings push them half way into the ground. Best of luck and hopefully most of them will grow leaves in mid spring.

Keep them damp in dry weather for the first year, after that they should be fine. Insure the buds are pointing up meaning you have the cutting planted the right way up.

You may wish to us an old screwdriver or similar to create planting holes in the soil. (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)

Health and Safety

We recommend you take the usual Health and Safety precautions when gardening, wearing gloves and being aware some of the cuttings may have sharpe edges.

Can you supply different length or quantity of willow cuttings?

Yes we can supply any quantity or size of willow cuttings. (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)

What is it?

Willow tree cuttings 1/2 are long leave willow & 1/2 round leave willow (shown in the picture) (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)

Special features?

Fast growing, provide cover for wildlife, shelter-belt, windbreak, grow wood or create a living garden screen. A number of willow species were widely planted in Australia, notably as erosion control measures along watercourses. Almost all willows take root very readily from cuttings. Willows are often planted on the borders of streams so that their interlacing roots may protect the bank against the action of the water. Frequently the roots are much larger than the stem which grows from them. Willows produce a modest amount of nectar that bees can make honey from, and are especially valued as a source of early pollen for bees. (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)


Willow is grown for biomass or biofuel, in energy forestry systems, as a consequence of its high energy in-energy out ratio, large carbon mitigation potential and fast growth. Large scale projects to support willows development as an energy crop have been established, such as the Willow Biomass Project in the US and the Energy Coppice Project in the UK. Willow may also be grown to produce Charcoal. (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)


As a plant, willow is used for biofiltration, constructed wetlands, ecological wastewater treatment systems, hedges, land reclamation, landscaping, phytoremediation, streambank stabilisation (bioengineering), slope stabilisation, soil erosion control, shelterbelt & windbreak, soil building, soil reclamation, tree bog compost toilet, wildlife habitat. (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)

Where to put it?

A sunny position planted into the ground in your garden. Damp soil or fertile soil. (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)

Plant soon as possible?

For following this year sow as soon as possible. (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)


Standard Cuttings 5″ ( 12cm ) inches long (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)

Possible uses?

colour in the garden fast growing screen hedge wildlife value growing for logs firewood (www.cuttingswillow.co.uk)

Willow Cuttings FAQ, Q&A, UK, Ireland.