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10 Ways to Save Wildlife and the Earth

  1. Let your lawn grow and weeds on it flower, creating a wildflower meadow.

  2. Have a wildlife pond of any size in your garden.

  3. Plant trees especially best for wildlife trees like Oak, Willow, and Birch.

  4. Recycle as much as possible including composting all food waste.

  5. Have a log pile in your garden and add to it.

  6. Switch off appliances in your home, avoid stand by mode and choose energy efficient lights and appliances.

  7. Plant a wildlife hedge and enhance it.

  8. Contact your local council and politicians asking for biodiversity measures to be put in place such as tree planting or letting some areas of grass grow. (

  9. Educate children, family, and friends on eco-friendly lists like this.

  10. Join, research, and share eco tips with others and online groups. (